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Letter to the Editor: Terrorists have planned forest fires in America

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Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 12:00 pm

When I wrote recently about the foreign terrorists who were in our country, intent on starting forest fires and grassland fires, many newspapers were wary about using it. There is a YouTube segment with a former national security agency official by the name of William Scott who gave a speech about this subject. He says documents were found at the compound of Osama Bin Laden when he was killed, which lays out plans for Islamic Jihadists to burn the United States through the use of forest fires and grass fires.

I won’t say much more about this, because my column covered it adequately. But while some newspapers used that column, others did not. All Americans need to know about this. Just try to find his speech on YouTube and listen to it. He talks about numbers of fires those people, many of them welcomed into our country and given assistance by our government , have already started, and the homes destroyed  and lives lost. He calls it economic warfare. Again, this is a man who worked for years for NSA.

Recently some folks from Camdenton wrote that I was a stupid person, guilty of bigotry and hatred because they did not like what I wrote and want me to express my opinion about something already established as fact. Nothing I said in that column cannot be defended as fact. And if our forests do not fall under the realm of “outdoors” I don’t know what does. I can only say in my defense that I may indeed not be too bright, perhaps lacking the intelligence of the folks who wrote the letter, but I am not a bigot, and there is no hatred in me. At the same time, when our country has enemies, I do not intend to call them friends.

I hope some of you will tell me why you would not take that, and on your own, report what is happening to your readers. It is a problem of major proportions and our leaders know all about what is happening. When allowed to read my column on this subject, the reader response has been overwhelmingly in support of what I wrote.

And those two young men I wrote about who brought the back packs into the Joplin truck stop a few days after the Boston marathon bombing were there to terrorize people, plain and simple. We have lost tens of thousands of acres of forestland to backpacks like theirs, left deep in our western forests with timing devices designed to start huge fires in a hurry.

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