Morgan County Deputy nabs manhunt suspect at Lake of the Ozarks - News

Morgan County Deputy nabs manhunt suspect at Lake of the Ozarks

Brian J. Adkison is being held in Morgan County Jail for burglary without bond

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Posted: Friday, June 21, 2013 7:23 pm

MORGAN COUNTY, Mo. — "Please don't shoot me." Those were the words of Brian Adkison when he was apprehended by law enforcement on Friday afternoon.

According to Lieutenant Mike Nienhuis, the Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy who arrested Adkison, the sheriff's office was called to respond to a residential burglary at approximately 2:15 p.m. on Friday. Nienhuis discovered and arrested Adkison while securing that property, taking him into custody without incident.

Adkison is currently being held at the Morgan County Jail on the charge of 2nd Degree Burglary, without bond.

For days, Adkison led law enforcement on a manhunt, which centered on the Lake area beginning Monday, June 17. The search pulled together 19 different departments, three SWAT teams, multiple helicopters, and K-9 units, but Adkison managed to elude all of them, for a while.

"Unfortunately, he got out of our perimeter somehow," Nienhuis said, explaining that Adkison had told him he had run through the night over a four-mile distance, ending up at the house where he was captured Friday afternoon.

At one point, Adkison reportedly had fled on a stolen watercraft.

"He was out of the boat at around the 68 Mile Marker," Nienhuis said, "and was found roughly in the 40 Mile Marker area."

"We thought we had a real good perimeter on him when the Water Patrol put him on land at the 68 Mile Marker... [But] shortly after he went into the woods, he was out of our perimeter. We did not know that," he said.

Officers went house-to-house, searching nearly 1,000 residences, Nienhuis said, looking for Adkison within that perimeter. Residents expressed concern about the sudden strong law enforcement presence in their neighborhood, the deputy explained. "There was a little tension there. But I think overall, they knew we were there for the good of them," he said. "They can sleep good tonight, because Mr. Adkison is in custody."

The house where Adkison was ultimately captured had recently been purchased, according to Nienhuis, and the owners, who were remodeling it in preparation for rental, noticed a broken window. The deputy responded to the call alone, and there found Adkison.

"I think he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him," the deputy said. "I actually just caught the corner of his elbow when I was going into a dark room. I ordered to see his hands. He put them up. I ordered him to get down. He went down. The only thing he ever said to me was, 'Please don't shoot me.' And I obliged him."

Nienhuis said at the time of the arrest, Adkison was wearing only shorts and sandals. Early reports had indicated the suspect should be treated as though he were armed.

The two conversed briefly between the time of the arrest and Adkison's incarceration.

"The only thing he told me is the charges they have on him are bogus," Nienhuis said. "And I explained to him that running never helps his cause."

Cole County and the Missouri Highway Patrol contributed significant equipment and search tools for the manhunt, according to Nienhuis, but the smaller departments involved in the search were also crucial, providing shift relief for officers who had patrolled for 25–30 hours without rest.

"None of this would have happened without them. We literally ran Mr. Adkison since Monday and he was tired. He was tired of running," he said.

The deputy also said the community played an important role in the capture of Adkison.

"We rely a lot on the community," he said. "Without [tips from the community], we'd have never caught him."

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